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Fellowship at Cross Creek

Fellowship's Approach to Spiritual Growth...

Fellowship not only encourages its members to be bridge walkers, but bridge builders too. (Rom. 12; 1 Cor. 12; Eph. 4; 1 Peter4)

What does Fellowship's basic church forms or programs look like? 


The Spiritual Growth Bridge to Maturity...

The Bridge ... Fellowship's spiritual growth bridge to Christ-like maturity. The bridge's first major set of towers begins with Sunday Mornings at 10:00 AM and include a balanced diet of the Ships...Worship, Fellowship-Stewardship and Discipleship, including an Adult Teaching and Bible Study, Children's Learning Center and Nursery and Youth Bible Study. 

  • Fellowship 101: Seeing the Big Picture - In between the first and second set of towers is Fellowship's very critical Fellowship 101 or new members' classes, held typically on Sunday nights beginning either in September or January. In these classes, we either teach or refresh interested Fellowship seekers in: 1) the basics of Fellowship's philosophy of ministry, including how forms follow function even for the church; 2) Fellowship's biblical function: Spiritual Growth; 3) Fellowship's biblical Environment for Spiritual Growth: the Ships; 4) How Fellowship fulfills its function: the Bridge, as well as, 5) Fellowship's basic foundational or core Theological Beliefs or values and 6) How Fellowship Functions, including: a) small groups or home churches, b) personal ministry, c) giving, and finally, cd leadership.
  • Home Church Involvement and Ministry - The middle span of Fellowship's Spiritual Growth Bridge to Maturity is followed by the Bridge's final set of towers: 1) house or home church involvement. Based off the New Testament model of house churches, Fellowship's home churches typically meet in homes (most normally in the middle of the week--Wednesday nights). And since Fellowship's home churches are about becoming Spiritual family, children are definitely included. Most home churches include some sort of food or a meal, accompanied by informal visiting. This is typically followed by Bible study, sharing of needs and concerns and prayer. 2) As one walks Fellowship's Spiritual Growth Bridge to Maturity, Scripture (Rom. 12; 1 Cor. 12; Eph. 4.; 1 Peter 4) also calls or challenges us to maintain or strengthen the Bridge. We do this by serving. There are many places to serve at Fellowship, including the initial basics: Children's Learning Center and Nursery; Youth Ministry; Worship Team; Cleaning and Grounds and Greeting.    
  • The Goal Christ-like, Spirit-inspired, Biblically-informed, Obedient,Servant-Leadership and Maturity - Finally, as one not only walks Fellowship's Spiritual Growth Bridge to Spiritual Maturity, but also helps to maintain, service and strengthen it, over time, one matures and grows into a position of Christ-like, servant-leadership and responsibility…which is what leadership is all about--responsibility--or Fellowship's long range goal…both the individual and corporate Spiritual maturity of its membership, thus as Scripture teaches (Eph. 4; 1 Cor. 12) the Body or Bridge's Spiritual Whole is always much greater than the Sum of its individual Parts! In fact, how we work with others to accomplish something much greater than ourselves tends to be an accurate barometer of our Spiritual Maturity in Christ. 



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