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Fellowship at Cross Creek

An Invitation to Discover An Imperfect Church for Imperfect People...


Come check us out, get to know us and discover, within the shadow of the Ozark's knobs and hills, if Fellowship at Cross Creek is the church home where God intends to begin, re-ignite or strengthen you and your family’s Spiritual journey in Christ. We welcome the opportunity to help facilitate your Spiritual journey. 

Why People May or May Not Seek Out a Church Home...

I imagine people consider attending or belonging to a church home for lots of reasons. Perhaps they are looking for something that they are familiar with—much like they experienced as children? Others, on the other hand, having felt like they were burned or hurt by their previous church experiences, want nothing to do with anything similar to what they have experienced in the past. Some, hungering for a more dynamic experience with God, are seeking a more exciting, uplifting worship or teaching experience. Others seek a more traditional worship experience. Some, hoping to better Spiritually prepare their children for life’s many trials and challenges, seek a safe, but fun place to enhance their children's spiritual upbringing. Some prefer a theologically more open-minded church. Still others just want to know what it means to know and experience God or enjoy a few deep personal, supporting friendships. 

I suppose the reasons for seeking out a church home are as varied as all the world’s many churches or God-seekers themselves. Everyone and each church has its own story. Every church and each person has their own context…a past, good and bad; a dream; a hope; a desire; a journey. Some will seek; many will not.

For the past thirty years, Fellowship at Cross Creek has tirelessly sought to create and discover what it means, within a biblical, moral framework, to be the real Spiritual deal…that seeks to carve out an environment that encourages authentic Spiritual growth and maturity, to loyally, sacrificially, wisely and accountably love others as Christ loyally, sacrificially, wisely and accountably loved his own, as well as, his church…to study, teach, learn, ask and practically apply what the Scriptures mean in their original context…not reinterpreting or refashioning God’s inspired, timeless truths according to modern, fickle culture’s constantly shifting moral standards… a Spiritual strategy that attempts to be used by God for the purpose we were all chosen and created for in Christ… where all the parts or members seek to grow and mature into the servant-image of Jesus Christ…where the Spiritual whole seeks to be greater than its individual member parts…and a place where one’s children feel Spiritually valued and safe as they are given the opportunity to own their own Spiritual journey in what is becoming a world that is ever-increasingly hostile to biblical Christianity.  

If the church home described above–an imperfect, but authentic, grass-roots church or fellowship for imperfect, but authentic people–is a church that might interest you or your family, or if you would be interested in finding out more, please feel free to contact us or read about us on our website, blog or social media sites, or come and kick our Spiritual tires for yourself.

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Some Fellowship Distinctives...

1. To be a church where ministry forms follow Spiritual function first and foremost, and therefore, not tradition or form-driven first and Spiritual function second. In other words, we strive to have a Spiritual purpose in everything we seek to do and say. 2 Cor 13:8.

2. To be passionately committed to God’s Words & Spirit...Spiritual Words. Eph 5:17ff

3. To see every believer grow into Christ-like, Spiritual maturity. Rom 12:1-2

4. To be real & relevant, neither boring nor hypocritical. 1 Cor 5:8.

5. To be graciously hospitable to our guests. Rom 12:13.

6. To be deeply committed to each other. Rom 12:3-8.

7. To resolve our differences in a Christ-like manner.  Col. 3:12-15.


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